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C T Honey


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  • LAA 15%
  • Vit E oil 1%
  • Ferulic Acid 0.5%
  • Sclerotium gum 2%
  • Sea  Emollient 28%
  • H20 40.5%
  • Oil 5%
  • EGCG 90% -5%
  • 1N NaOH/ ETOH  -2%
  • Citric acid 0.5 %
  • phenoxy 0.5%


1. Weigh and measure your ingredients.

2. Ferulic acid into solution with NaOH/ ETOH, stir till dissolved = white

3. LAA into water, stir till dissolved, may have some light dust, don't panic.

4. EGCG into LAA and Water Stir, Will turn a honey color tan/ brown

5. Citric acid into mix, stir/ blend

6. Sclerotium gum , mix and blend

7. Sea emollient, blend

8. Vit E, Oil of choice + Phenoxy 

9. Adjust pH to 3.2 or under.


Ultra light and silky serum.

Comments (6)

Brilliant! Can't wait to try this recipe!!
Sounds great! Thanks!
I made this the other day - I like it. It was super easy and gave me an opportunity to finally use my green tea extract!
If you layer serums it's especially nice because it IS so light. I used 50% EGCG extract as I don't have the 90%.............. less potent, but still OK? I don't know the minimum % req'd for efficacy. Thank-you Dragon, looking forward to more formulations (esp. an all-in-one Super Serum!)
Ive made this and it's great. Easy to layer under sunscreen.
This looks purrrty. I'm giving it a go tonight!
Skin Care Talk › Recipes › C T Honey