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Bathroom Freshening Spray

Idebenone 0.5% Night Serum Niacinamide 5% + NAG 2.0%

Natural Healthy and Colorful Lip - balm/stick

So.. i've been thinking about it for some time now and since i have already posted a recipe regarding how to make lip balm and how to make a lip scrub, i thought that i should also post here a recipe about how to make lipstick. Yep, you heard me right. Thing is, it's quite easy to make, it's 100% natural, it does not have all the crap that you find in the shop-bought lipsticks and it generally stay on quite a decent amount of time if you're not like me and chew on your lip nonstop. So, let's get started.   INGREDIENTS   Coconut oil (you can find it in pharmacies... read more

Eye serum

Hi, trying to create a eye serum,not sure if it's toxin,want to address dark circles,puffiness,wrinkles, hydration 1cc Syn Coll 1cc Cell Ox2 1cc wheat protein 1cc mushroom extract 1cc sea weed extract 1cc butcher broom extract 5 squirts pumpkin seed extract 1 teas coral SKB 1 teas glycerin Base Tropical moisturizer 2 teas read more

Whipped Body Butter

Kojic Acid Lotion

Very Easy, Very Simple, Lip Scrub

What you'll need- 1 small bowl 1 tablespoon sugar 1 tablespoon honey 1 teaspoon olive oil, or any other oils of choice 1 small container 1 teaspoon Vaseline or Aquaphor (this is totally optional) Food coloring of your choice!! Directions- Combine the honey and sugar in a small bowl. Add the olive oil and mix well. If your lips are dry, feel free to add Vaseline or Aquaphor for extra moisture. Get creative, add 2-3 drops of food coloring to make your DIY scrub fancy. Spoon your completed scrub into a container. I use empty eye shadow pods, but use whatever you have... read more

Lip Scrub

I know all of us have had one time or another the problem of dry, chapped lips, especially in winter or dry climate. So this is my solution so far (the one that works best along with the lip balm i have submitted in another recipe around here)   INGREDIENTS:   Sugar: half a tea spoon of sugar.   Olive oil: half a tablespoon of olive oil   Honey: also half a tablespoon     Mix them up and scrub your lips with the mixture for about 2 minutes (i know the quantity would be more than you need for one scrub, but you can also use the rest of the mixture to... read more

Natural Face Lightening Mask

Well then. Since the last time i have posted one of my recipes here i have experimented more (on myself of course - yey, unpaid lab rat) and found another combination that works.   Turmeric powder: (it ranges from yellow to orange depending on the brand and where you buy it from, but you can find it in drug stores (those that deal more with nature and medicine made of plants) and hypermarkets or in the condiment section) Lemon Juice: (do try to search and buy the natural one. The one you usually buy has more acid and chemicals in it than lemon juice and is mostly... read more

Mint Sugar Scrub

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