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So you like paying taxes for all the people who don't follow the healthy lifestyle guidelines to be on Incapacity Benefit and a drain on the National Health Service Radicallan? 
Welcome!  It would be worth running a search because there have been several threads on this topic before. My input is to switch to a toothpaste that does not contain any sulphate surfactants, a mouthwash that is alcohol free, and use a lip balm which contains some of the lipids found in healthy skin rather than cheap petroleum jelly. Lanolips is my favourite.
I don't see what the big deal is, everything on the cover of every magazine or front page of every newspaper is there to manipulate you into purchasing it. At what precise point in a child's life does breastfeeding become sick and disgusting? GrannyD didn't say it was a better form of nurturing, she just said it was nurturing. It doesn't have to be an either-or thing, mothers can breast feed AND nurture in a non-feeding manner.
Welcome Deblloyd!  If you paid by PayPal you have six weeks from the date you paid to file claim, it's then up to the company to prove you received the goods. But I think you are being as little premature if it has only been just over a week, it could be your postman forgot to leave you a card to say your package is at the Royal Mail depot or it just got delayed in the mail. In addition to the PayPal protection if the company is based in the UK you are covered by the...
It is the high percentage of sugar/ low percentage of water that makes honey an inhospitable environment, if you dilute it down it loses that property.  
I said is it not necessary to neutralise with baking soda. Water is neutral to mildly alkaline pH so will act as a mild neutraliser. The reservoir effect is the lactic acid stored IN the skin, whereas with neutralising you are primarily affecting what is ON the skin. I don't know how sclerotium gum affects pH if at all so hopefully someone else will respond to you on that. I work on percentage not pH: the pH will not remain constant as you increase the percentage it will...
Clinique made my skin dry out and gave my mother a rash.
At your age as important as what you apply is your lifestyle. Be sure you are consistently meeting or exceeding all your government's recommendations for healthy eating, daily physical activity, don't smoke or take drugs, drink alcohol and caffeine in moderation, get plenty of sleep.
Anything that is hard-easy-hard-easy is intervals, just be sure to warm up safely first. You may know from running that with a group activity you need a great instructor/ leader, one that plans a good session AND motivates you to work to your maximum.  So try a few classes and try a few instructors within each style of class if possible. Tell them what you want to achieve and where you think your fitness is at.   Boxercise classes are the classic for the whole upper...
You would have to use sterile distilled water as well as any extra preservative. Bacteria can get in from your hands, from the air, from fluid splashes in your bathroom .... you don't want to be putting anything that is not made clean and properly protected with preservative near your eyes. Use less or dilute it 50/50 in a tiny bottle or dish every day, then you can use tap water because you are not contaminating your stock bottle and you are using up the mix right away.
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