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Thanks Babes....
Babes, I forgot to add you to the list of ppl I will PM before I roll out of here. I'm so mad right now I'm shaking. I reported this person to a mod for sharing my private info like that.
Thanks Babes....yes it was very ratchet. That's what I get for trying to help people by sharing...never again. No good deed ever goes unpunished. I won't be petty and say their name but they know who they are, and others do too.
I was informed that someone here (whose name I will with hold) shared my private pics with other members of SCT and BHM without my permission. I sent her those pics in a private PM and she did this to me, so I will no longer share anymore pics/info or reply to anymore PMs unless it is from a Mod, IndianSkin or Blatino. Prinny is no longer coming here but I know how to get ahold of her irl...in fact she is who warned me about this person.   Beware of the people who...
The Maxi-Peel has HQ in it...if your HQ is high like 10% hold off a few days so you do not irritate the skin on your face (or use a low % HQ like Nadinola on your face). If the peel is being applied to your body...well I have used HQ the same day on my body as the peel but it was like 5-6% HQ and I had no problems.
LOL Babes   I'm sorry but I'm just going to say what some are thinking. It's rather suspicious all these newbies popping up out of the blue touting glowingoil after the person who was originally spamming it all over the forum made a "Goodbye Thread" a week ago when their threads kept getting deleted.   This is looking more and more to be a subtle form of.... If I am mistaken, my apologies, but it's funny how all of a sudden this is happening. smh
Thanks...my Dr. Lewinn's Skin Tone Perfecting Serum has Mulberry Extract (and Sepi White, Kojic Acid, Lactic Acid, Bearbeary and a bunch of other goodies.) I guess I can ask a doctor if it is OK for me to stick with that.
I know!   Check your PM Indian...I send you something.
Update: Just got an email from Prinny....apparently the new account got messed up too, so she made a 3rd one and that also is messed up and won't let her post. She is giving up...and has no idea what is wrong with her account.  
LOL What did Janet ever do to her? LMAO@ Madonna holding grudges since the 1980s or 1990s! She better stop or she will turn into a hating @$$ Lil Kim and look like a bitter aging diva. smh   You don't see Janet hating on Beyonce. Pass the mantle gracefully and with class...
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