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Suphana Tamarind & Goat Milk Soap

Another Great Soap!!


Pros: Removes my sunscreen effortlessly

Cons: Not sold locally

So I wanted to try another soap just to see how it summed up to others I have tried. Suphana was recommended to me by another member here on SkinCare Talk, so I decided to give it a go. It's a round bar which I find kind of cool.......again, I cut them in half as I find it helps them last longer. The nice thing with the Tamarind/Goat Milk Soap is they remove everything on my skin with little...
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dodo milk

Pros: it does not contain harmful ingredients , it lightened me 3 shades more evenly tru out my body, it has kojic acid as it key ingredients .

Cons: wen d cream is applied in d day time wear a good sun screen to avoid burns caused by sun or beta still apply at night

awesome product
awesome product

NCN Pro Pumpkin Peel

Pros: gives me instant glow and dewy face, it doesn't make my face peel

Cons: can irritate your face red if left on too long

Skin Care Talk › Reviews