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Opripan Herbal Soap (Oily Skin Type)

Really does what it says!


Pros: Leave skin clean, refresh, silky and soft

Cons: Expensive Online... But it's worth every penny!

I was told/introduce to opripan by a Korean lady that own the bss I shop at. She told me she uses this soap and it's really good. She has flawless skin and told me I should give this soap a try. And not to worry it's not a bleaching soap. But more of a cleansing soap that will leave your skin clean and soft. So I went ahead and brought the soap to give it a try. Since I have oily...
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Great exfoliating product
Great exfoliating product

Reviva Labs 10% Glycolic Acid Cream Facial Night Treatments

Pros: Great alternative to liquid peels, smooths skin texture, removes blemishes and sunspots, great addition to an exfoliation regime

Cons: The 10% can be strong, if you have sensitive skin use it only a few times a week or use the 5% version

Skin Care Talk › Reviews