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Benefit They're Real Mascara


Pros: It lengthens the lashes, makes them look thicker

Cons: Very expensive, definitely and very clumpy

Hey all you girls out there! You may see many people using this mascara or posting it on Instagram saying its great and the best buy for their lashes. Well, I recently was literally dying for this mascara, but it was very expensive and not worth it; but I thought hey, might as well try it out anyway... So yeah, I got it and it was the 'best mascara in the UK for 2013' something like that. The brush was very nice it was great for lower lashes as the brush was covered in lovely rubber fibres, Google it to see; but honestly it was not the best mascara I had used as it made my lashes very clumpy after only two coats so that was not very good as I hate clumpy lashes, all I look for is volume. However, I highly recommend the Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Mascara, I cannot emphasise upon how good it was! It makes your lashes extremely long and looks absolutely natural 100% Guaranteed!



The product itself is OKAY, but what really makes this mascara special is the brush.

If $20 dollars is more then you can allow yourself to spend on mascara, then a good option may be buying the product once and simply keeping the brush.


Pros: No clumpy lashes. Long and full

Cons: I don't have any.

I like this mascara! It goes on well and I don't need to use a lash primer product to get the effect I want. I do apply 2 coats and my eyelash curl doesn't fall. I rarely repurchase products (there are so many to try!) but I am going to buy again. Recommend it.


I paid around $20 for it, but for some odd reason, I can't put that amount into the Price Paid spot without it getting rejected.

Benefit They're Real Mascara

A jet-black mascara that lengthens, curls, volumizes, lifts, and separates lashes for a spectacular "out-to-here" look. This mascara features an exclusive brush specially designed to maximize the performance of the long-wearing, glossy formula revealing lashes you never knew you had! Staggered bristles grab close to the root, boosting length and volume beyond belief. The precision bristles on the custom-domed tip lift, define, and curl even your tiniest lashes. The end result is luxurious, silky lashes that won't smudge, clump, or dry out.

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Skin Care Talk › Reviews › Makeup & Beauty  › Mascara/Eye Shadow/Eye Liner › Benefit They're Real Mascara