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    Quote Originally Posted by cpretli View Post
    The article states that the use of witch hazel can damage the acid mantle. Is this referring to Witch hazel toner with alcohol in it or just 100% witch hazel? Does anyone have any more information on this as I use 100% witch hazel toner on my face daily and I would hate to be adding more damage to my skin.

    I think their point was that it can be irritating to skin, probably because the pH is 3.3, so it's acidic. My question would be Why are you using it in the first place? What benefits do you think it has for your skin?

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    Hi. I find that if I suspect that my skin or hair is reacting strangely to something, it helps to test the pH of that product with an Alkazone pH testing strip.

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    I use the witch hazel because it is a natural astringent that has anti-inflammatory properties and a lot of members on here had recommended it as an astringent, but I never considered the ph level until I read this article.

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    Okay, now I understand. Do you have problems with inflammation that you need to use it?

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    You are just full of info Iamme! Don't stop sharing with us! I especially need all the help I can get!
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    You're a luv!

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    Umm, I... guess not?! I guess I only started using it because I thought that an astringent/toner was a must have in the basic skin care regimen, and the idea of a natural astringent without any alcohol seemed appealing. But, as I am continually leaning about all of the latest and greatest skin care regimes, I am slowly gaining a critical eye for the products I have chosen to try. Do you think a toner/astringent is important and if so, would you have one that you would recommend? And if not then I guess I will put my witch hazel on the back burner until I experience an inflammed mosquito bite or something to that effect!

    Ps: I agree with dani; Iamme, I have noticed that you take the time to answer a lot of the newbie's questions and you are full of knowledge. Your expertise and helpfulness is invaluable! Thank you for taking the time for us inexperienced learners!

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    Aww, thanks a lot cpretli!

    From what I've read, a toner is not something you "apply." It is used to remove any cleanser residue and remaining oils on the skin so that the active ingredients you apply next will penetrate better, especiallyl for those using HQ. I don't use one, because for me it's too drying with all the acids I use. But if you do decide to use a toner, make sure the pH is close to 5.5.

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    Thanks Iamme that was very interesting...probably have to read several times to get the whole thing. I had been wondering about some of the things mentioned in the article so its great I have a better understanding!

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