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Thread: old scars, spots & marks

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    Girl I hope im not late, im working on my spots rite now. Go on skin lightening forum u wil find lots of info there. Go on amazon n order tca peel from skin obsession also get yourself some fade cream like neoprosone. Do the peel just on the spots wait 2 weeks after peeling n spots treat with neo. Good luck

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    how much the laser beam??? tnx

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    hi ;D is lactic peels is effective on your scar? and how much ?

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    WHOA! laser beam is out of the question. I would rather go for hydroquinone and tca peel and shea butter as well.

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    Please help me. Please any advice on a core am or anything

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    I mean how to get rid of this marks on my legs*

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    great advices, retin has been kind to me and helped me a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by justalittle View Post
    Please help me. Please any advice on a core am or anything
    Did you manager to find any products that help you get rid of the scars on your leg, I have some of the same scar in the same place on my leg and I love to know if you had any success.

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    I have a scar on my upper lip but its not black. My upper lip is black but the scar is light...Any advise? Would YPO help? Lactic Acids? I've had it since 2000. A little backstory: One morning back in 2000 I woke up and the right side of my upper lip was felt a bit strange. It itched a big and felt like there was something there. I looked in the mirror and i saw a medium sized pimple. Being a self conscious teenager and being this was the first time this had happened, I took a pin and popped it and a clear liquid came out but that just irritated it and it got bigger. The itching continued and got worse...next day or two the area deflated and a huge light colored pigmentation was left there. I thought eventually it would disappear but 16 years later and its still here. I have to wear lip pencil in black to cover the light pigment and im tired. I want to know if any peels can help diminish/minimize/eliminate this hyperpigmentation.

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