old scars, spots & marks
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Thread: old scars, spots & marks

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    old scars, spots & marks

    i have sensitive skin. if i get hurt or scratch a mosquito bite it leaves a mark on my skin. As a result i have marks an my legs & shoulder. I can't wear skirts or backless tops...i tried using mederma tube but haven't seen any difference and as i stay in Mumbai, India Bio oil is not available...can you suggest alternatives for it......i am getting married in few months and would like to get rid of these marks...please help

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    Hi Samantha & welcome!

    I also scar easily-- it's such a pain, isn't it? Sometimes this can be a symptom of an underlying condition. You may want to check with your doctor. I find that taking Omega 3s (internally) really helps. I take Krill Oil but you could also take fish oil or flax oil if you are a vegan/vegetarian.

    Obviously, not picking or scratching at bumps and bites will help it from scarring. Keep the skin externally hydrated helps too. I've heard that rosehip seed oil and helichrysum essential oil is a a nice combo for scars but haven't ever used it since rosehip seed oil causes my acne to flare up.

    I'm sure that there are other methods that someone else may chime in with. Again, I would be sure that you are a-ok on the inside and that you are not deficient in anything because no external solutions will fix the underlying problem in that case.

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    Go to the pharmacy and get:
    - Retin-A Cream
    - Hydroquinone 4%

    Twice a day do the following:
    - Put a light layer of retin-a on the area with scarring
    - Wait 15 mins
    - Put a light layer of hydroquinone on the same area

    If you can order on the internet I would suggest getting Lactic Acid peel 40%. It is one of the mildest peels to use and eventually (with the help of retin-a and hydroquinone) will get rid of the scarring.

    HTH & congratulations on your upcoming marriage
    Please excuse the mess of errors, I'm usually on my phone making it terribly hard to type properly!

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    I agree with Fantak but use the Retin-A once a day - AT NIGHT. It can be too harsh used twice daily.

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    My dermatologist recommended retin a cream .05 and then Madecassol (contains centella asiatica) once a day...
    Madecassol cream 1% for scars, ulcerated, surgery, acne, wrinkle, stretch marks, etc
    I also just started lactic peels on my scars, I have them on my leg after two surgeries..

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    Quote Originally Posted by LightenNLift View Post
    I agree with Fantak but use the Retin-A once a day - AT NIGHT. It can be too harsh used twice daily.
    Like LightenNLift says - only apply RA at night. The sun renders RA ineffective.
    If you always do what you've always done, you will always be what you've always been

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    I could not get retin a at the pharmacy stores here....i am not sure its availabe in Mumbai..my dermatologist recommended Zincort-C. Its composition is Clobetasol, Clotrimazole, Zinc sulphate...i tries using t for a a week bt didn't c a diff...should i discontinue it....what else can i do???

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    Since the etiology of scars and stretch marks are the same, they are treated with the same laser technique. A special laser beam is transmitted through the skin which loosens the collagen fibers, thus loosening the essence of the scar or stretch mark.

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    Get you a good fade cream for spots and scars. I know I 'm a lot late on this topic
    seeing I just join, but there are some real good ones out their that work excellent..
    I know I've tried them, I can run off a list of names.

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