Got plans for your hunny for Vday? What about some wine and aphrodisiac food pairings for a romantic evening in? Raw Oysters + Crisp White Wines -Pairing tip: Consider a match's pH level (i.e. acidity vs. alkalinity) - and counterbalance saltiness (which has a higher pH) with acidity (which lowers the pH. Asparagus + Gruner Veltliner: Pairing tip: Green loves green - pair green veggies with a Grüner Veltliner or grassy Sauvignon Blanc. Cheddar Cheese + Ice Cider: Pairing tip: If the flavors are compatible on a plate, they'll also work together from plate to glass. Dark Chocolate + The Holy Trinity (Banyuls (from France), port (from Portugal), and PX sherry (from Spain). Pairing tip: Trust tried-and-true classic pairings, which are classic for a reason - they work. Breakfast + Bugey, which is a slightly sweet, strawberry-noted semi-sparkling French rosé. Pairing tip: When in doubt, opt for a rosé sparkling wine - a rosé can morph from a white to a red as need be, and bubbles go with virtually everything. Read more at: