Starting from scratch again!- Pics included
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Thread: Starting from scratch again!- Pics included

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    Starting from scratch again!- Pics included

    I started my skin lightening journey inJuly and i have gone from an NW55 to an NW47 in mac shades.
    I didnt start off with exfoliation but dived right into lightening and then exfoliated about 1 month then quit out of impatience. I have decided to start all over from scratch with exfoliation and this time im not in any rush to see results like i was before. I will also be practicing SAP which is something i didnt do before. I just wanted to share my regime to get opinions on it to see if it is good enough.

    Shower with likas.
    put on LA lotion(jergens ultra healing+nicatinamide+lactic acid)- gotten from laylas thread.
    apply sunscreen to exposed areas.

    the same regime without the sunscreen. i am very sensitive to kojie san and have therefore excluded it from my regime.

    i however need waysto build my skinas exfoliation leads to skin thinning and i need advice on how i can incorporate RA into this regime and what supplements to take

    Here is a pic of me when i was an NW55- myfoundation was also slightly lighter than my skintone.

    Here is a pic of me now at NW47:

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    please...can i get a reply?...i really need advice andhelp

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    You've lighten already, why not continue your regi this way all you need to add is a lightner now. RA is usually for the face but if you prefer or if you can afford it you can mix an HQ cream+RA in the palms of your hands and use it by night. For the supplements there are many threads on supplements that coud help in your lightening regi.
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    The thing is i feel my lightening has plateaued as ive been this shade for the past 2 months with no change and thats why i feel i should probably go hard with my exfoliation. and i do use a lightener right now that claims to have noHQ called diva maxima. I also use the soap.

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    have you had any bad reaction from that product?? and wats your goal?

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    No, no bad reaction...i haventbeen using it for very long....about 6 months now i think....My aunt recommended it asa safe product.....i hoever have the dark knuckles, dark lips problem too...but thats my fault for neglecting them till it was too late

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    My goal is my avi

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    I think ur regi is pretty good but I would only use it for a month since it's just for exfoliation. You should add in exfoliating cloths or gloves. You should also add in body scrubs. I use foot scrub all over bc it's alot tougher and removes more skin. You should start out with an apricot face scrub, which is mild, and use it over ur entire body. Then progress to actual body scrub all over which is medium. Then progress to foot scrub all over which is really tough and gritty. This will help remove skin and also lighten you without actually using a skin lighter. And once you start using a skin lighter it still penetrate better bc of the exfoliation from the scrubs. I do them many times a week in the shower. Add this in ur regi and ull see faster results for sure. Hope this helps, it works great for me!
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    I wouldn't use a product for six months with no change. It either just isn't working for you or ur skin has become too used to it. I think it's time to move on to something new. Plus idk what ur goal is but if it's to be really light I wouldn't use that bc it has no hq in it plus the girl on the box isn't even light. But if you want to be safer then using a hq free product is best.
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