Adding oils to a store-bought AHA cream?

Thread: Adding oils to a store-bought AHA cream?

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    Adding oils to a store-bought AHA cream?

    I just started using avocado oil as a moisturizer for my face, but since it's not moisturizing enough for my extra-dry skin, I want know if it's possible to add it to another cream I have. It's a store-bought AHA cream that works wonders for my face and helps it feel moisturized. Could I mix avocado oil with this cream? Also, could I add beeswax to the mixture to thicken it? What about mixing just avocado oil and beeswax together? I'm new to DIY skin care so I don't know which ingredients work with which. Thanks all!

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    You would have to heat the cream to add bees wax to it, and that might make the emulsion separate. You can try it if you want, I'm just giving you a head's up.

    I would suggest either just mixing the oil and cream on a per use basis, or putting on the cream and using the avo oil to seal it in.

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    You can only add small amounts of ingredients to many commercial creams before you need to add additional emulsifer to stop it splitting into two phases. If you want an ingredient that is dense and hydrating, IMO lanolin or lecithin would make more sense that avocado oil and beeswax. They both supply lipids found in a healthy stratus corneum - the skin's barrier to excessive water loss and both can act as emulsifiers. Avocado oil is primarily oleic acid - I am not aware of any research showing this is beneficial in xerosis, some research suggests it can exacerbate certain skin conditions.

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