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    Myristyl Nicotinate (aka Pro-NIA in NIA24, or heavily used in Strivectin products)

    Dear All,

    Does anyone know where can we get "Myristyl Nicotinate" which is a form of Niacinamide? Niacinamide is very easy to find but no one sells Myristyl Nicotinate

    Thanks very much!

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    I have been aware of this products for several years now and if you do a search MN in www.pubmed.gov, you'll find a couple of really good abstracts about the product (clinical trials). After developing MN, NIA 24 sells the product to other skin care manufacturers to incorporate into their own products. You can try contacting a compounding pharmacist and ask if they can compound it for you. However, you will probably need a prescription from your doctor as the pharmacist won't be able to make it without a doctor's order. Good Luck!

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