How to get rid of my ugly brown spots/post inflammatory pigmentation on my back?

Thread: How to get rid of my ugly brown spots/post inflammatory pigmentation on my back?

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    How to get rid of my ugly brown spots/post inflammatory pigmentation on my back?

    I know right, it's hideous, such a confidence drainer. It looks a lot worse in real life because the camera flash brightened the scars a bit. Just a bit of a background, I'm of south-east asian background and I'm in my late 20s, so basically, I'm browned skinned.

    So I have spent so much money on so many products to try to get rid of these ugly marks on my back. I tried retin-a and all that did was flake my skin but the marks remained. I exfoliated with a range of soaps including sure white, kojie san, maxi-peel soap and likas papaya soap for a period of time and it didn't help, saw no difference. Even after exfoliating all the dead skin, I tried hydroquinone for three months and saw no difference, all it did was make white patches over the brown marks which made the marks more visible. I tried diy 15% lactic acid lotion for months and it didnt work, all it did was burn my skin, therefore, I'm too scared to do do an actual chemical peel.

    I've had these ugly pigmentations all over my back since I became a teenager, around 12 years old and now I'm in my late 20s and still looks ugly. I'm on the medicare to see the dermatologist, it has been almost a year and a half and I'm still in the waiting list. I can't afford to go to a private dermatologist, way too expensive.

    If anyone or anyone with similar skin conditions on how to help fade these scars, please feel free to make any suggestions.

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    Hun ive had a dark neck due to eczema for so many years I tried creams chemical peels nothing worked now jm going to try qswitch nd yag laser treatment it is safe on dark skin and removes any deep pigmentation which we have as yours has been there for years it is dermal pigmentation which cant be removed with creams and exfoliants

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    Thank you Shaz10 for the advice. Is that lazer treatment expensive?

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    G&G with 2 ka serums of your choice ie MWS and F&W (good options) along with dodo osun or likas soap (during the week) & get your self a KIT"korean italy towel"1-2x/w) this should help lift some of that pigment. Use dove soap and shea butter on weekends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lisapizza View Post
    Thank you Shaz10 for the advice. *Is that lazer treatment expensive?
    no hunn its cheaper than other laser treatments where are you based??

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    Are you in UK or USA?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shaz10 View Post
    Are you in UK or USA?
    I'm in Australia.

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