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I've done two combo Jessners 15% TCA peels. One at the end of March and another early June. I tolerated the first one well. The second one was more intense and it took a lot longer for the redness to go away. It did manage to lighten much of my melasma, but I want to eliminate it. So, I bought some 30% lactic acid figuring this would help in between TCA peels. I have a 30% lactic acid peel that I have yet to try. I have a few questions, and I know you ladies are the experts. First, how long should I leave this peel on since I have used TCA prior? Second, I use Retin A. How do I incorporate lactic acid peel while using Retin A. I know I should stop Retin A for at least 48 hours before doing a lactic acid peel, but how long after can I restart my Retin A. Also, I don't understand how 30% lactic acid peels can be done up to 2x a week while using Retin A. The balancing act of skin care can seem complicated to me.
LA peel is nice for exfoliating, it will not make you peel in sheets, mild, but yet still effective. I personally use RA up to the night before of applying my LA peels. Just helps my peel penetrate that much better. As for when you can go about using RA after the LA peel, I would wait a few days until you see how your skin looks and feels. You may not notice any difference other than it being smooth as a whistle. You may experience a little flaking at the most. I would incorporate your RA as you see your skin fit to use it again. If your skin is at all sensitive, flaking, etc, probably best to hold off from using RA.

I've never used LA twice a week, every other at most for me, and I use 40% from MUAC.
You would leave your LA peel on for 3-7 mins, rinse with soap and water!