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Thread: Unable to send a PM

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    You should always be able to PM me or Gymrat since we are both admin accounts. The contact us link will also work if you still have any issues and cant reach us. Contact us goes to our support queue and forwards an email to me.

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    Hi Peeps,
    Love this site, been on here for a week, been reading, loads more to read.
    20 Posts is quite a lot, I feel like Ive already been a PITB and I still havent got to 20 lol.
    I realise you need to keep spammers away but Im guessing you can tell by at least half that number, no?
    I also got a msg from gymrat saying hi and telling me I wouldnt have access to PM for some time but nothing told me what that limit was. I also didnt see any way of replying to her msg even though it says in this post I should be able to.

    I dont really have any burning need to PM anyone really. Just feel odd not to be able to lol.
    Anyhow really glad ths forum exists ;-)

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