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    Question Pimple Scarring

    Hello all. I am a 16-year-old girl who is just getting over the worst acne ever. I have few to no active pimples anymore, simply scars. I am a pimple popper, which unfortunately does scab over. I have many brownish spots between and above my eyebrows, like scabs that have been picked. I was wondering what I should do to get rid of them, as I want to have my face clear by July so that I don't have to wear foundation to cover up my blemishes.

    Sidenote: I have been putting Neosporin on these marks, but I can't tell if it's helping or if my scars are naturally just fading away with time.

    Any advice is appreciated! Thanks

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    Hello ! First what type of skin do you have? Do you wear makeup?

    The first thing you must do is protect your skin from further darkening is to wear a good sunscreen with zinc, the higher percentage the better. Since you are young a gentle regimen should bring good results.

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    Tell everything about your skin like if you have excema, blackheads, etc. The more you say the better help you can get.

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    P.S. welcome to the site many elite members are very skilled at taking care of the skin

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    I am a little oily around my forehead and nose, otherwise pretty normal/dry. I wear stick foundation over any my dark spots. No eczema or any skin conditions... very few blackheads on my nose (almost unnoticeable).

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    Okay so your routine can be simple yet still effective.

    Day and night you can use a gentle soap free cleanser like Aveeno positively radiant. It comes in a tall pump bottle and contains soy which naturally helps to fade and blend in marks. At night I would recommend you to remove makeup with a gentle makeup remover like micellar water, Garnier makes a cheap one.
    Or you can do what I do, I mix olive oil and dial bar soap and use that as my remover. Makeup?gone. Facial Bacteria? Gone.

    2. Moisturizer.
    Even I moisturize and I have super oily skin everyone needs it. Make sure you choose one that's non-Comodogenic, which means it won't clog pores. For specifically fading spots, I rave about ponds Clarant b3. It has niacinamide, a natural lightener that fades spots and vitamins C &E which are antioxidants. It's clinically proven to show results in 2 weeks.

    3 exfoliation.
    I notice that there is no product in the world that will work unless you are properly exfoliated. Being that your so young, you don't need to over do it. I would start with exfoliating 1-3x a week with a gentle exfoliater like st ives, or you can use what you already have if u have one. This is to remove the dead skin on top of your skin and keep your pores clear. Always. Moisturize.

    These items can be found at your local walmart or drugstore, but you can also find them online. Look them up so that you can see reviews and review the ingredients list so that you can make sure there is nothing you are allergic to. You're young and your skin will naturally get better over time as long as you keep it clean. If you like toner, use an alcohol free version so you don't over dry (I love witch hazel).
    That's really it, simple, the cleanser and moisturizer both contain ingredients to make your skin even again. Best of luck and let me know how it goes

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    Thanks for your reply! I use a Neutrogena exfoliating cleanser at the moment, and use it to wash away my make up at the end of the day in the shower. I use Lubriderm after that to moisturize, but I think I will invest in the Ponds cream, as you mentioned it has natural lighteners in it.

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    That will be awesome! The ponds will take care of the dark spots left behind from the pimples. Just remember to include exfoliation weekly so that your products penetrate. I didn't know lubriderm was for the face? P. S. This is very important to a oder getting the spots darker; you must use sunscreen! Best of luck and please let me know how everything goes!

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    Thanks so much for all your help! Will let you know how everything goes

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