Lactic Acid peel using Aloe Vera?

Thread: Lactic Acid peel using Aloe Vera?

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    Lactic Acid peel using Aloe Vera?

    I've never done a chemical peel before. I'm currently researching. I came a lady using 1 teaspoon of 50% Glycolic Acid and a half teaspoon of Aloe Vera gel. Could something similar be done with Lactic Acid? 1 teaspoon of 88% LA and a teaspoon of Aloe Vera gel to create a 44% peel? Or am I better off using distilled water? Is 44% a good starting point? Also, how long should I leave it on? Is it ok to apply it with a cotton gauze until I get a fan brush? Oh also, how should I wash my face in the following days after the peel? I have a cleansing device would that be fine to use still?
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    Yes you can use Aloe in place of distilled water as Aloe is basically made up of water anyways. This is still going to give you the same results as if using distilled water.

    You are not going to "peel" per se. LA peel is going to give you a simple exfoliation, it is not an intense chemical peel.

    Yes fine to go about your regular daily routine 1-2 days after applying the peel.
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    Just a little update in case anyone wanted to know, I just did a patch test with about 30% LA below my ear, around my jawline. I mixed 1/8 teaspoon 88% LA with 1/4 teaspoon Aloe Vera gel. At first it stung a little. Nothing crazy. Maybe for about 30-40 seconds then it went away. Left it on for 3 minutes. Didn't turn red. I moisturized after and applied SPF. I'll wait 24 hours to see if there's any reaction. If not I'll be doing my first facial peel soon!

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    Well I did my first peel on Friday the 13th lol.. Did a 30-33%, can't remember. Whole body and face. Applied with a spray bottle and dispersed with my hands. Should've used gloves because now my palms are flaking a bit. But it's not bad. Just used a cotton gauze for my face. Went over a healing zit on my chin thinking it'd be ok. I was wrong lol. Top layer of skin came of the zit. It's healing now. But other than that everything went really well. My skin all over is already getting smoother, softer and brighter.

    I also did a 44% LA foot peel last night. I mixed 1/2 tsp LA and 1/2 aloe vera gel together and used a foundation brush to paint it on the bottoms of my feet. Wrapped my heels in plastic wrap and put fuzzy socks on. There was the tiniest tingle in the middle of my foot but it went away. Today they're a lot smoother. Gonna keep with up once a week.

    Think I'll attempt a lip peel tonight and see how that goes..

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