I suppose GPO could be stronger but it doesnt burn me and is really effective. LA was my first peel. I just washed the area and then put it in a spray bottle, sprayed it on my body and let it sit for like 3-5 min. I didnt really feel as though it did anything. I didnt get any peeling. I only got a small burn near my ankle.

With GPO I put it on my knees and toes and I have peeling in both areas with lighter skin underneath. I just feel like its dummy proof. Im afraid to do LA again.

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@Brownie404 really I thought gpo was stronger than lactic acid? They market la peel as safe for sensitive skin. Well thanks for the heads up I guess I'm going to start the la peel at 22 percent instead of 44 when I receive it in the mail. If it doesn't work I will try gpo.