Peeling Body Acne/Scars?

Thread: Peeling Body Acne/Scars?

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    Question Peeling Body Acne/Scars?

    I don't have many skin problems (as far as I'm aware of (I'm probably incorrect as I'm not very well rehearsed in skin-care)) aside from one major, noticeable, and quite frustrating skin problem -- I have back, shoulder, upper arm, and chest acne.

    I was wondering if a chemical peel could remove these blemishes for me?

    And also how do you use an at home chemical peel? Should it just take one application or do you keep reapplying the formula until your skin starts peeling off?

    I'm a male and have just recently got into skin-care and don't even know where to begin; any tips or advice would be highly appreciated!

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    I have the same issues and want to know what people recommend...

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    I have purchased peels for my body from Make Up Artists Choice and Ebay before. I don't have acne but I had raised scars. I have used TCA, alpha hydroxy and glycolic acid peels. I did a high percentage since it is on the body and the body can take more acid than the face. TCA didn't really help and caused hyperpigmentation. But, I am a minority...if you are white, you might not develop this.
    Live a healthier,easier and more fun life!

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    The instructions come with the peel. You can do more than one layer at a time if you want. I did not find body peels to be all that helpful to be honest. Hopefully someone else will chime in!
    Live a healthier,easier and more fun life!

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