Everyone, I'm realitively new to lightening and my goal is to become 2 to 3 shades lighter. My shadey scale color is NW45; trying to reach NW42-43. So far I been in the game for 4wks exfoliating w/ MF Kojic and mostrizing with FW AHA lotion 1-2 times daily , 4 times weekly for body and once every other day for face. extremely hard commitment! Im almost done with my 2nd soap already and it's starting to get costly.

I know the science behind lightening and how can you achieve it just need to learn a few things:

1.How to diluted 88% LA to make a peel for 40%
2.how to make my own Kojic soap (seen diff' versions or a soap you prefer)
3. how to make LA lotion (any good & EFFECTIVE combination would work)
4. HQ brand (at least 6% or whatever brand you feel thats good)
5.skin layering. Should I put exfoliating lotion/cream before VitC serum??

SB I'm using is 50+. Bananaboat is greasy. thinking about getting Neutrogena USheer

I'm using: VitC serum topically for 1-2 daily and 2000mg capsules w bioflavonoid & rosehips.

I need simple and EFFECTIVE regimen before I start using lighteners.

Am I on the right track?!this is hard and overwhelming guys.

the only reason I'm still pushing this lightening journey because of the $$ I already spent or if smthg is coming in the mail LOL. HELP PLEASE