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    Talking Hi everyone at SCT

    I finally joined today after google kept sending me to various threads on your site in my search to sort out my burnt skin after two summers of extreme heat and no sun protection.
    I have gone from a caramel to a very dark brown which I only noticed after it was pointed out to me by someone who informed me that I was a lot darker than my pictures.
    I never knew there were so many skin lightening products until a few weeks ago and now I appear to have collected quite a few different types of soaps, lotions, gels and creams.
    Some I am afraid to use because of the smell (Sure White cream in a tube smells like hair relaxer from the 80's) and some I've only just started using after visiting and revisiting SCT several times.
    Thank you to everyone who has shared their regime and the wisdom gained from their experience.

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    @NikkiA what is your starting shade/tone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sasa1 View Post
    @NikkiA what is your starting shade/tone?
    @Sasa1 After all the sunburn, I ended up somewhere between a NW43 and NC45 and I'm trying to get back to NC44 or NC42.

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    yAS! Welcome, beautiful Sasa! You've come to the right place and your skin WILL get back to its normal desired state. It just takes a bit of faith and patience. Practice SAP on top of the regimen you choose and you will be fine. This community is life.
    With great power comes great responsibility.Hidden Content

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