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    Hello from philly. I know this forum is for intro but I do have some questions bothering me that I need to ask the expert in the in the house. I am NW45 mac cosmetics , I just want to be two shade lighter and I have tried different lightening creams both cheap and expensive with good result but with side effect but I have now decided to make my own diy niacinamide & licorice cream. I bought both niacinamide powder and licorice extract root 4:1 powder from bulk supplement. I don't really know what the 4:1 means and I will like to know if I can use the licorice powder topically or not. I will really appreciate a response from the house please.

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    I am actually using cerave moisturizing cream mixed with niacinamide and the licorice powder that I got from bulk supplement right now and I feel like I don't know what heck am doing . I really do need helppppppppppppppppppppppppppp

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