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    Wink Maxi Here!!!

    Hey everyone!!

    I'm new here, but I used to do research here back when I was dealing with severe discoloration issues. I learned a lot just by reading some of the older threads as well as the new ones, and now that the discoloration issues are almost behind me, I've become more and more interested in learning how to safely lighten my skin a few shades. My aim is to attain a natural glow (hence the gleaux/glows in my username, lol!).

    I know that there's a wealth of knowledge here, and I can't wait to learn from and interact with you all!


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    Heyy I also want to know that I have a lot of products.
    And Ive lightened once 6-7 shades on my body and face with labi mix but had to stop because of acne (16 years old)
    I was Akon complex. lighten to almost Rihanna when she is tanned.
    Know Im dealing with Acne on my face and body, uneven skin.

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