My lightening using 1 -2 products only hydroquinone or steroid
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Thread: My lightening using 1 -2 products only hydroquinone or steroid

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    My lightening using 1 -2 products only hydroquinone or steroid

    So I have lightening for some time now I am not new to trying products for this purpose but I may not know all the good products out there and would like see what works on its own.I followed this website for a while just to read peoples stories

    I like this colour pallete for reference :

    i would say i am sooo many shades IDK where to begin !!! I am asian but dark skin i would say overall i look clay2-3. However to go into more details different parts of me has different shades like my ELBOW my back of neck ! my front to back of legs i am pitch black in some areas and maybe this description sounds extreme but i really dont have a skin disorder lol. Just certain areas are darker as most of you know like dark circles for example ! But i will dive deep into that the more i progress HOPEFULLY!!
    a3 lotion: So firstly about 6 years ago i tried this product from my local store and used it on my whole body and it really did lighten me up so much !!!! I used it on my neck because that was relatively dark compared to the front of my neck. I used it on my whole body everyday because it was such a nice lighte weight lotion that smelt nice too and so non greasy to put on. Of course i knew nothing about sun protection but i guess i always use it during summer so that is ok. And i would say my neck went from earth 3-4 to sand 3-4 HONESTLY!!!!! my back of my neck was that dark!!!!! My front of face went from clay 2-3 to sand 3-4 !! My arms in general became sand4-5 [I am really thinking of numbering these girls my self because at the moment i am getting confused lol]My arm from shoulder to fingertips have different shades going on but by the time i used this cream i was an even one colour which was very nice.
    I would use this cream every day especially for neck to track if it works or not. And every to every second day for rest of body. Not my back so much or stomach religiously so that is why i did not see drastic change. My chest also lightening alot as i would not say i was dark in these regions but i lightened nicely. BTW i did used to exfoliate when i showed my skin naturally rolls off as i scrub and i feel lighter each time..
    Even my feet
    so what happened? I finished this 500ml cream over a course of a year? When did i first see lightening? I have no idea maybe end of first week? I really wasnt hawking it lol. But yep. I went on holiday and i really was not concerned about my skin colour but i use suncream as usual do what i usually do-on holiday i didnt take this cream with me. But i remainedthe same. I stopped using this cream 2-3 years passed and i went on holiday again- returned back literally clay 5/ earth2-3 in some area it was a mixture. OMG I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT. SO MANY YEARS HAD PASSED !!! I FINALLY PAID ATTENTION TO MY DARK NECK! DARK ELBOWS DARK FEET DARK KNESS DARK B I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT. I FELT SO SAD ! possibly a few months after holiday this kicked in when someone told me [wow your neck is so black].
    THIS CREAM HAD DISCONTINUE I EVEN CONTACTED MANUFACTURER AND THEY SAID THEY STOPPED DOING IT now 3-6years ago i knew nothing about ingredients of skin lightening on this skincare talk website in that much depth. So i assumed maybe it had bad chemicals and they stoppeddoing it. Few months later it sunk in and i tried another cream from that shop and that did not work
    went back to the old cream which i had the tiniest bit remaining in and used it on my face and that lightening and got rid of pimple marks too

    ....Eventually i got few years passed I was more keen to lightening my skin haha.

    ..yes more.
    Metalite: This said to have hydroquinone in it so i bought it hoping it would work and it literally gave me random pimples even on my weird -NO CHANGE
    GNG: DOES NOT WORK- i came to this website and saw people raving about this. this cream literally does nothing. IT SMELLS SO BADDD- I used this cream everyday. For a week and noticed no changes. After a month no changes again. Used it ones a week then 4 months later i noticed micro peeling on my belly. so that is the area i tested this cream on it. Belly b4 was: earth2-3/3-4 and remained the same !! even after the peeling. The peeling was literally like elmers glue i could pull the tiniest of skin off.

    Caro light oil- so i read on here that this is 'amazing' with GNG- WTH is amazing about this? I feel like it did not work- i would test it on my elbow daily and few months later notice no change. I also mixed it with gng n applied to belly and that made 0 change !!!
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    a3 Lotion: YES I FOUND THIS CREAM AGAIN!! after so many years of searching i found one now it was not the exact same one because the name looked different. WHEN i first opened the packed i applied this all over my body it was like 6 years ago all over again. I used it every day and thought wow i will be so light andnotice a difference by the end of the week. Well by day 2-3 i noticed okay im glowing- i really dont know how to explain that but i feel like i was glowing and my skin on my arm was going from clay5 to clay1-2. Then by the end of the week i feel like i noticed m skin tone going back to is colour and me geting small white bumps. I started to get more and more small white dots all over the area on my arms!!!! now these were early stages and im sure with time it would be more prominent so i stopped the cream imedietly and was devastated!. I knew it will not work!!

    Kojic acid soap: OMGI LOVE THIS WHY??? I DONT KNOW? everyone loves this for a reason and I was very skeptical to start but i thought since people like it for exfoliating i thought let me bythis and use it every day and mind you like i mentioned earlier, I only use about 1 skin lighteningproduct or 1 thing to lighten me- i reallydont add anything else to facilitate the process. Yes people like to use the word exfoliation but to me if i am in the shower i will clean my self with the intention of dead skin coming off and this does not always happen but it is what i intent to happen I do not use products to make this happen just normal shower gel or soap and wash lol. So anyway i bought this soap because it is a bit more harsh to the skin and i wasnt really rubbing off dead skin my skin was so firm!!!.... I tried it on my face and omg! did it feel tight at first. But i feel like it worked cause it brightened by complexion i just dont know what it did but it made my face smooth. now i have a couple of pimples marks and they are to remove- my skin is quiet ugly some pimples but then so much pores and black heads- not beautiful looking at all. So anyway i started using this soap everyday on my body for a week and felt like it really cleaned by skin and also every second day on my face to once a week. And for some reason i feel like it helps to clean the dark areas of the skin. I think it made it smoother. Im believing it lightens me but i really dont know....So i decided to hunt down some more cream to start using again !!!
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    Please if anyone can relate to any issues and how you over came then let me know or if you have advice to help me with cream choices....

    Continuing from previous post I recently tried a different approach and started using this soap... Not so religiously but at times like every second day and kojic acid makes you feel so clean lol.....

    Creams to review Somme more
    Steroid cream and fair and white about two weeks ago I tried the fair and white cream for 1 week straight and by day 4 I notice a change in my face so much!! It really just even me out and I was I was still struggling with all the pimples on my face. I just don't know why I was breaking out so much. So what I decided to do was also used spot treatments you know those ones you buy in the shops and it is not like it is something prescriptive so that doesn't really lighten that just gets rid of pimples or whatever it is meant to do but besides those specific areas I used the cream all over my face and what it did was make my dark honey forehead match my light beige face. I think this cream works wonders But it is too small to use all over. I also use that on my neck and yes my neck has gotten lighter but I do not know if that is due to best cream or another one however I only used a tiny bit for a short amount of time. how I would describe the back of my neck would be that it is a milk chocolate colour what is dark chocolate patches at the side of It. This cream is not mine so did not use it more

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    If you lighten very quickly, your product probably has a steroid. Throw it away; they're not designed for lightening purposes.!

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    Quote Originally Posted by arrow View Post
    If you lighten very quickly, your product probably has a steroid. Throw it away; they're not designed for lightening purposes.
    Oh yeah I recently purchased this new cream that's steroid oh have I got some news.... But anyway the very first cream I raved about did not do it that quick g don't think... I did not get green veins or stretch marks and as I said I used it for a year.

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    So after fair and white for one week i was trying other stuff elsewhere on body..

    Steroid cream: so i started using this because people rave about how well it works. So i decided to use on my face where all those pimple marks were. And i put on a fairly thin layer all over my face but i did not notice any changes the next day. Lol guys i have fairly sensitive thin dark beige skin and yeah the next day it stay the same. But now what i do is use steroid cream all over my belly and back. This has been workibg wonders!!!! I think by the end of first week i notice a change. I started with a dark brown complexion with darker patches on side of waist. And at the back it was like dark dark chocolate brown i definitely need to find a picture example. And lower back n lower lol was also extremely dark. But literally it has lightened!!!!!!! Really no joke!!!!! My tummy and back is still dark but it is more brown like my arms... My arms!!!!! They look similar to my arms!!!! This is what truly shocked me! Like i would never believe this would happen.. My lower back lol backside is still pretty dark but im hopefully goingto get rid of that.. So i will find some pictures on internet to show and also some girl who has those spots with dark skin.

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    Are you using koji san soap? I am thinking of trying it.

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    YES.when willyoubut it

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    I still need ahydroquinone of 2 to 3 percent because right now I do not have one

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    Corticosteroids largely work through vasoconstriction. That means a lot of the color change is because the underlying blood is "squeezed" out, creating a blanching effect. That lightening is temporary, and you will develop stretch marks as your skin atrophies. Your melanocytes, the cells responsible for producing melanin, will become aggravated and you'll become darker than ever before. This is science. Steroids are not designed for skin lightening.!

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