Doctors gave me Zineryt erythromycin zinc acetate

Thread: Doctors gave me Zineryt erythromycin zinc acetate

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    Doctors gave me Zineryt erythromycin zinc acetate

    Hi just wanted to know has anybody used this and whether it works. I've just been applying it on one area I'm just too worried to apply it all over my face in case it makes matters worse. I've just been breaking out first time in my life and since then I breakout once or twice a week. Ive just been reading bad things about it, I hope someone can give me some advise on this


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    I once used this in a cream form combined with a rubbing alcohol on my face it helped very well. But after some time stopped working on my acne prone face.

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    What you have been prescribed is a topical antibiotic. If you are afraid of using it, ask for something else. There are plenty of other acne meds you can try. But again don't expect over night results, you must give any product you try time to actually work.

    Yikes.....never in my life would I mix rubbing alcohol with anything skin related, its an extremely drying harsh disinfectant that could exacerbate your acne issues. Not something I would ever recommend.
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