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Skin Care

Basic Skin Care

Discuss general skin care products, tips, and advice. Refine your daily regimen.
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Sun Protection

Talk about products and ingredients for sun protection.
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Talk about anti-aging products, wrinkle creams, peels, Botox and non-invasive procedures.
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Discussion about the causes and treatment of acne, acne marks and acne scars.
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Talk about the causes of eczema and how to treat it.
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Talk about the causes of melasma and the available treatments.
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Discuss how to manage and treat the symptoms of psoriasis.
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Discuss how to manage and treat rosacea.
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Scars & Stretch Marks

Find solutions to prevent or reduce scars and stretch marks.
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Skin Lightening

Discuss hyperpigmentation and skin lighteners.
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Cosmetic Surgery

Discuss surgical cosmetic procedures such as facelifts, reconstruction, liposuction, etc.
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Other Skin Conditions

Discuss other skin conditions and ailments ie. rashes, burns, spots, etc.
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DIY Skin Care and Recipes

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DIY Skin Care

Share your self-formulated concoctions and do-it-yourself skin care recipes.
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Finding Ingredients

Got questions about sourcing DIY Skin Care Ingredients? Post them here!
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Cleansers / Toners / Serum Recipes

Share your self-formulated recipes for toners and cleansers.
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Lotions / Creams / Moisturizers Recipes

Share your self-formulated recipes for lotions, creams and moisturizers.
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International Forums


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South Asia

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South America

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Beauty Forums
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Vitamins and Supplements

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Diet and Exercise

Discuss diet programs and products. Receive fitness advice and tips from members.
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Hair Care

Discussion about hair products, tips and treatments.
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A forum for all things related to makeup, beauty and cosmetic products.
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Talk about your favorite perfumes and colognes.
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Chat about the latest in fashion and design trends.
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Food and Recipes

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Sell, buy or trade products.
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