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  1. Thank you so much, BRio I'm using Clean&Clear...

    Thank you so much, BRio
    I'm using Clean&Clear Fine Fairness Toner , it helps just a bit
    Actually, I have no problem with acne but just my pores
    and my skin is quite sensitive.
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    Sunscreens help brighten skin?

    I really wonder about this
    Do sunscreens brighten our skin? or It's just protect our skin from sunlight?
    I don't use sunscreen because I'm afraid of acne and oiliness.
  3. Does anyone here use Himalaya products?

    Hello everyone
    I'm Thai and I've been using Himalaya products for a while
    Do you guys use it? Is it work? How is the result?
    Let's share :)

    I use Neem Face Wash Foam, Neem...
  4. what are your currently effective products for acne and how is it?

    I'm looking for effective products the help me get rid of acne please share about your products and tell me how is it work? Thank you all :)
  5. How does Astaxanthin good for skin?

    I planned to take astaxanthin and I need to know how does it work for skin
    My skin type is combination, is it good for my skin?
    If there is anyone who used to take it or you are taking it now...
  6. Are there any way to minimize pore permanentlyI

    my pore is quite big. it's hard to wear make up smoothly and it looks bad could you please suggest me?
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