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  1. Best PA+++ Sunscreen that prevents tanning?

    I know it’s impossible to completely avoid tanning if you’re out in the day time, but which PA+++ sunscreen to avoid tanning or darkening or skin? I want to use it on both my body and face, so if you...
  2. Can you use Koji San soap in between peels?

    Hi, I plan on doing a weekly 40% lactic acid peel on my dark areas (inner thighs, arms/hands, face, feet) can I use koji san soap on the 6 days between the peels? And how long should I leave the soap...
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    Anti-aging skin supplements?

    Hi. Does anyone have good experience with anti-aging skin supplements? What do you recommend? Thank you in advance
  4. Lightening inner thighs for light olive skin?

    I’m middle eastern so I suppose that’s called olive skin, my body is on the lighter side but my inner thighs and vagina area are dark. Can you guys recommend a product that works?

    I’ve been using...
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    Lightning for middle eastern skin

    Middle eastern skin* sorry about the typo
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    Lightning for moddle eastern skin

    Hello everyon! It’s a great community here. I’m a middle eastern girl, as a child I had pretty light skin. But throughout the years with sun exposure my skin darkened. Right now I’m planning to do 6...
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