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  1. Sorry if I'm a little behind the times...why...

    Sorry if I'm a little behind the times...why should we be using Vitamin C in a serum? I'm new to this whole skin care thing. Is this a totally separate thing to use or should I look for this in the...
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    I'm curious, what is a micro pigmentation...

    I'm curious, what is a micro pigmentation procedure? I've never heard of such a thing.
  3. Never heard of this gymrat do you just...

    Never heard of this gymrat do you just buy a bottle of this separately and use? Or is this something to look for in ingredients? #clueless
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    Dark brown spot

    My husband has a very dark brown circle on his face that seems to continue to get darker. What is this and how can we get rid of it? We haven't been to a dermatologist or anything.
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    Psoriasis on face

    Anyone have trouble with it on their face? I have it on my brows and just won't go away. What have you used to calm it down and make it go away!
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    What is a chemical peel exactly?

    What is the purpose of these? I've heard of them just never tried them before. I've heard they can also cause burns so what is the draw to get them?
  7. How do you figure out what products to combine and use?

    What do you guys do to figure out what kind of products to use as a morning and nightly regimen?
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