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    My wife has some, and I have tried it. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to do much for me. About like all the other creams I have. They all initally help a little, but nothing seems to make it go away. As soon as the creams dry, the skin get hard again, and will start to crack. Thanks anyway for the suggestion.

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    I have been dealing with excezma for almost a year now. I am a 50 year old female that never had this problem before. I have gone the gamet. UVB treatments at the hospital twice a week, steroid pills, cortosoid creams & ointments. The worst of it is on the bottom of my right heel which makes it very painful to walk. I have never had any itching, only dryness, cracking, redness, and sore. I just had my second biopsy today. I am starting to believe that it is from exposure to mold in the classroom where I teach. I had to move out of the room 3 years ago to have the room stripped & cleaned. I have contracted pneumonia, 3months later I had auto immune arthritis wher I could not bend the fingers in my left hand for over a month, I now was diagnosed with asthma, allergies, & bronchitis 3 weeks ago. the fatigue is debilitating. For the last month I spend all my off time in bed. I used to be very active. Anyone have any suggestions for my poor immune system.

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    Check with your doctor to see if you have a sinus infection. I have expereinced this myself as well as a few others i know. It may sound far fetched but...we have noticed it often acts up when we have a sinus infection. Also, ask your doctor about Bactroban. This is the only thing I have found to help. If I notice it starting, I put it on immediatly and with any luck it doesn't get to bad!! Good luck!

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    Again try this drug called "Trizmicilone Cream" and this lotion called CeraVe it is a skin barrier and puts moisture in your skin. Also believe it or not "Mineral Oil" is really good after a shower. It is very thick but it is a great moisturer.

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    I'm new to the forum, but I wanted to jump in here because I have been plagued with eczema in the past as have my children, and I found a way to get rid of it that worked for us. My eczema used to appear in patches on the insides of my of my arms, behind my knees and on the back of my neck. They would appear in the heat of the summer and then in the cold winter months. My daughter also had eczema all over her body when she was a baby.

    To get rid of it I just took evening primrose oil supplements. They are just little capsules of oil that you can find at any health food store and they worked for me. After trying all of the creams, and the oatmeal baths that the pediatrician recommended for my daughter's rash, I asked him if it was safe to give my daughter the supplements. He said it was OK, so I did. I started with half a capsule squirted into whatever she was drinking. Eventually I used a whole capsule in her juice. It took a few weeks, but eventually the eczema cleared up completely and it has not returned.

    Oddly enough when my cat developed an itchy skin condition where she would scratch herself until her skin bled, I squeezed some of the oil on her food, and not only did it clear up the itching, it gave her fur a noticeably shinier appearance.

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    Wow this sounds really cool. I wonder why this is not recommended more often by doctors if it works so well.

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    My friend had eczema on her hand which just started out of the blue. She went to Dermatologists and tried all sorts of drugs. Nothing seemed to work and she ended up more allegies. A friend asked her what dishwashing detergent she used "Morning Fresh" (don't know if you have it there?) but she changed because it was highly alegenic and problems gone.

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    Hand Eczema Treatment:

    Dermatologists usually offer a combination of methods for hand dermatitis treatment. Your dermatologist may suggest you an oral antibiotic if you are suffering from an infection. He may also prescribe you creams or medicated ointments to apply regularly. However, you are to make sure that you don’t use this in combination with other hand creams due to any side effects of the mixture. If you have to use any hand cream other than for hand eczema, you should consult your doctor as to avoid any possible allergy.

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    I used to have aczema, tried every thing and it didn't work .until I start experminting on my self I found any kind of soap or detergent will cause outbreak this is why I use disposable Gloves even when I am taking shower, washing my hair . It worked and you have to avoid anthing has perfumes or addatives (go natural), the evening primrose oil Capsules is good as it work on improving the skin condition in General.

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    I have eczema. It started on my arms and has spread to my fingers and even my face (forehead) I've noticed that I only get these rashes during the summer time, and when I get the rashes on my fingers I can expect to get one on my face as well.

    I was prescribed extra strength antibiotic ointment by my dermatologist many years ago. It successfully relieved the itchiness and even worked with clearing the rash on my forehead

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