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Thread: How can I make my eye lashes grow?

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    thank you !!!!

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    Castor oil! Seriously it works awesome! just put some on a q tip and rub it on the roots of the lashes at bedtime. I have long lashes but when I use the castor oil, they get even longer, and it works fast. I was using it all over my face but it made the peach fuzz on my face grow longer and faster, I dont want that lol. Good luck!

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    To make my lashes longer.. I use a mix of 'Vaseline petroleum jelly, Castor oil and Vitamin E' with an old mascara brush (well cleaned) and a clear empty mascara tube to put my mix in. I've always had long lashes but always wanted them a little longer. And this works for me and I also brush this on my brows as well. Which my brows have grown thicker and longer. I always had problems with the length of my brows.. But now the hair is growing back now! I do this at night or during the day when I'm not going anywhere special.

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    Msm vitamins grew my eyelashes nice

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    oil gets in my eyes and makes my vision blurry, can't do it

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    Girlll use castor oil and Vaseline every night before you go to sleep !:heart_eyes:

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    You could use almond and jojoba oil. The downside is sometimes the oil get into your eyes leaving it a bit blurry. It does work though...

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    I use Vitamin E oil. I used to do it daily but I've gotten out of the habit but I imagine any fatty oil at least twice a day will work. I'm going to get back on this. Kind of been neglecting my eyelashes focusing on other body parts.

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