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Thread: 20 Foods that are good for your skin

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    Quote Originally Posted by rayoflight View Post
    I somehow suspect it's the activity anyway, it's one of the things all these centenarian and heart-disease resistant parts of world seem to have in common, Okinawa, French, North Ireland...
    True. They walk a lot, some dance, tai chi, etc. I think the Sardinians and Ikarians may be more agrarian, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SarahLynne View Post
    God didn't make no skim-milk cows
    Here, here! I just can't drink that skim stuff...or should I say white water stuff lol

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    Good List

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    i don't eat meat or eggs :/

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    Great post Fawnie !
    No 12 is my favorite, I can live on Salmon.
    Some days I have Salmon for breakfast and dinner.

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    Thanks for posting, Fawnie! I better start including some of these foods in my diet!
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