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Thread: does mequinol completely depig?

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    i think mequinol does completely depigment, because it's used instead of mono to depig vitilgo sufferers.

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    girl you depigged?

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    no, lol I'm not completely dipigmented yet, I don't want to be completely dipigmented. But I can certainly see how this can eventually make someone depigmented. But the good thing is it lightens shade by shade, I'll stop once I get to an ideal shade. I think I'll get there honestly in a few months. I like Drake's skin tone. but with both mono and mequinol once you get to a certain color, doesn't mean you'll stay there. People who have completely depigmented with both had some pigment come back. But I think that can be avoided with a little maintance. I'm pretty sure this is what I read.

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    what colour were you before and now?

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    Well I don't know how to describe skin tones accurately. I would say before it was like a light brown skin tone. Now it's just much, much more light brown maybe? Some areas it's much lighter. However my arm is still brown.

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    Also Girl, is menquinol a cream?
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    Well mequinol it self is powder, but most people use it mixed in with creams. Then one I sell is the actual powder, but you can buy it in cream form from goldpharma.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bethjogs View Post
    Will it make white spots on my skin or make it gradually lighter?
    it will gradually lighter you with a white spots. They will fade of with the time.
    Mequinol is semi-permanent. It cann't depig you. You can tan.

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    Titi, it gradually lightens with white spots? Thats strange, Mega and a bunch of other people didnt report that side effect Can you elaborate? Girl, you use 40%, do you have white spots?

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    So mequinol 2% is semi-permanent or should a higher percentage like 5% be used for semi-permanency?

    Girl, what percentage do you use on your skin?

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