fungus or psoriasis, or something else?!?

Thread: fungus or psoriasis, or something else?!?

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    fungus or psoriasis, or something else?!?

    So, I'm a 21 year old male, and for about three years i've had this skin problem. At first I was stubborn and self diagnosed myself with psoriasis. I started getting skin lesions and they got worse and worse, they got quite large and covered my face, back, chest, legs, and belly button.
    Well I ended up getting a new job which required me to have a physical so I asked the doc what this was. She ended up telling me it was tinea corporis. So I had a follow up with another doc who said the same and prescribed me an oral anti-fungal (fluconazole). The dosage was once a week for three weeks. Well, after about two weeks I stated noticing the lesions disapearing. After about five weeks they were pretty much all gone except for a spot or two on my scalp. I was satisfied and didn't go back for a checkup which i probably should have. Anyway, the spots have started coming back even more so I went in to the same dr. She decided to give me a topical antifungal (ketaconazole). The topical helped just slightly on a spot that is on my face. Well, I made another appointment and she referred me to a dermatologist. Now he says it's not ringworm, but psoriasis. I'm rather confused. It seems an unlikely coincidence that all of the psoriasis lesions would just happen to start disapearing rapidly within two weeks of a three week dosage of antifungal medicine....perhaps it is...

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    hmm that is confusing but if youre not happy with the diagnosis perhaps get a second or thrird opnion and see what hey all say. i do know that the antifungals can help treat the symptoms at times and the twio can seem to cause the same issues.

    a flatmate of mine had a fungal nail issue and it turned out to be psoriasis of the finger nails. odd huh? but id check again if youre not happy.

    sorry i cant help any more but im no doc!! good luck sweetie.
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    Psoriasis is a widespread and chronic skin related disorder. Psoriasis usually occurs due to autoimmune disorder of the skin results in hyper proliferation of the skin. it is a non-infectious and it is often seen in people between 15 to 40 yrs of age. Well.........some natural home remedies that can be helpful in psoriasis like take small amount of almond powder it should be used externally infected area. Sandalwood powder can also be effective. Cabbage is very common home remedy for the psoriasis treatment..Take healthy cabbage soup in regular bases its really helps a lot. As we know garlic is natural blood purifier so it can also be very much effective …...Go for some of these .it really works ....!

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    Go to a dermatological SPECIALIST that treats obscure cases such as the one you describe. Search online and call around to hospitals in your area to find one and set an appointment.

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    I seem to have the opposite problem! First I was diagnosed with psoriasis and now with a fungal issue. Dr. told me that psoriasis can lead to a fungal problem because it weakens your immune system and provides a nice breeding spot for fungus. After the fungus is gone, you still have to treat what caused it in the first place. I think you should try the psoriasis meds your doctor recommends and see if it helps any, if not get a second opinion.

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