88% la peel disaster
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Thread: 88% la peel disaster

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    88% la peel disaster

    Don't be a fool like me to sleep with acid on your skin! Only put it for the recommended time, if more you are going to burn yourself and the results will be horrible.
    Don't mess with acid peels. Use them with caution and again i tell you don't keep them too long or sleep with them on your skin or you'll regret it.

    Look at my hands to prove what i'm talking about !

    Pic 1 & 2, you can see a clear difference of skin color! The lighter skin part won't go away

    pic 3, you can see between my fingers i'm totally burned

    pic 4, i burned my arm 3rd degree !

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    the light part on the top of your hand isn't burnt. It's your natural skin color underneath. I did this to myself also. Just take some hydroquinone and slather it where it's burnt (dark) make sure you put enough so that it's visible (not all rubbed in), more than enough. The next day it's gonnal be really dry and peel again. Apply more hq (I used nadinola) It about 4 days it will clear up.
    On the red parts, I would use aloe vera, or some type of skin soothing/healing treatment.

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    Yes blackgirl, you should mix your lightening cream with a moisturiser and apply enough to counteract any dryness, you should be fine in the days to come.

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    Yes, please use products as directed!! You'll be alright DBG111, hopefully you'll heal nice with no visible scars.

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    acids can be dagerous, i use gloves & sectio by section method & no acid in bet. fingers. yes, if you don't use a mild lightener, it will darken. i hope your HQ is not high %.

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    Please don't use HQ on those burnt area. I suggest you to use skin success palmer's (without HQ) and a lot of cocoa butter, you'll heal in 3weeks

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    My suggestion :Just put some Vaseline on it for a couple of days(4 tops ), it's the best and fastest healer in my opinion.

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    i don't think vaseline has any healing properties in itself, it does soothe and form a protective sealant over the area. Avene Cicalfate, or diaper rash cream which has high percentage of zinc oxide promotes healing and prevention of scarring. You can find them at any drugstore just pick the one with the highest percentage of zinc

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkbrown View Post
    My suggestion :Just put some Vaseline on it for a couple of days(4 tops ), it's the best and fastest healer in my opinion.
    I totally agree with you on that, Vaseline & Emu oil has been my best friend for such issues

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    LA 88% has to be mixed
    (Kassysix/Maatra suggestion was Vaseline Lotion or Jergens Firming Lotion)
    Check there threads out, - the container states willlllll Burn.
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