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    MSM gives me headaches ... especially at higher doses ... anything over 1,000 mgs ... it seems to be improving ... but immediately after taking it ... I can anticipate a very nasty headache ...


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    i think im tolerating msm really well been taking it for almost a year now and am on about 3-5g a day now. powder is best for me. the capsules gave me utter migraines yikes!
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    What benefits or side effects did you noticed by taking MSM for a year. Can you share.

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    There was a special on TV not too long ago about a guy who wanted to lose weight and build muscle...a "doctor" specializing in supplements gave him a bunch of pills to take everyday...he did this for about a month and started to feel sick...he went to his primary doctor and he tested his liver and kidney function...after only 30 days of the supplements...his liver and kidney's showed signs of failure and improper functioning...I say be very careful with all the pills you decide to take...even vit C can be dangerous if taken in large doses...sometimes all this is not worth the results.

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    cking ...

    That is very scary information ... I totally agree ... sometimes I wonder what we are really doing to our bodies by taking so much stuff ... although I have been for years and my blood tests are always very good ... so I'm not sure ...


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    Cking, that is wise advice but all of these supplements are recognized as safe when used in proper amounts. You can reference each one for appropriate levels.

    You can take a LOT of vitamin C before you have a problem.

    The truth is that our modern diet of processed foods depletes our bodies of these necessary nutrients and leads to many types of illness. Skin problems are a sign that something is wrong with your body. Melasma indicated hormonal imbalance.

    There are certainly unsafe "supplements." What were the specific supplements that harmed this man so that we can avoid those?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jedka View Post
    Hi, does anyone taking this MSM & GFSE feel nauseous I always feel sick then about one hour later I need to RUN to the bathroom!
    When I first began to take them, I couldn't really tolerate them to well; the taste was absolutely bitter. Take it with orange juice, and you shouldn't have a problem, it pretty much disguises the taste.

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    So I don't want to be taking so many pills. I have cut down to taking the following and I take everything at night or after dinner. So this seems to help because I don't get any side effects.

    2000mg MSM, 1000 Vit C, pycogenol. and this is it. The melasma is still not coming back. I believe it is the combination of both sunscreen and the pills. Nothing has ever taken my melasma. I know it is both the sunscreen and supplements.
    I recently got some new sunscreen that is chemical free by Skinceuticals> It is very light. I got both kinds of sunscreen for everyday and when I work out.
    I heard about some of the pills making you nausa this is why I take them after a meal and at night before I go to bed.
    I found it very interesting about the melasma liking mositure. Sometimes I am too tired to wash my face, but I haven't changed and I had melasma before and after. In fact, now I am trying to keep my skin very clean and my melasma is gone. I believe getting the best sunscreen is the best you can do to keep melasma from reforming.

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    momto3, did you have dermal or epidermal melasma?
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    [QUOTE=mjforever23;252214]I too owe A LOT to this website, so I want to pay it forward also. I have had Melasma for 4 years and had tried everything. I have paid HUNDREDS of dollars for Triluma, etc. I never thought it would go away, but I started reading this website in February of this year. Here is what I do and my Melasma is so pale it is managable with makeup. I take:

    1000 - 2000 mg of MSM
    25 - 50 mg of Zinc
    1000 mg of Vitamin C
    4 drops of Grapefruit seed extract in orange juice 1 - 2 times a day
    I use Neutrogena spectrum + face SPF 100+ (this has been the key I believe)
    Clinique City Block SPF 40+
    Bare Minerals Makeup SPF 19

    Thanks for sharing your info. I am wondering if you are still taking the sumpplements and if your melasma has gone/faded away.
    Thanks in advance for your reply.

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