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Thread: our bikini area.to shave or not to shave

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    Quote Originally Posted by dorkalicious View Post
    I can tell you it feels just like a big rubber band snap. If it gets too painful, ask them for a breather. Start to finish, 15 minutes.
    Lidocaine cream applied an hour before waxing and then wiped off will help too. Or "self-medication" .. just bring a designated driver

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    Quote Originally Posted by fawnie View Post
    Brazilian please. Or dyed pink. No silly heart-shaped patterns tho. Totally bare just looks like a raw chicken cutlet .... Im vegan and its not all that appealing.

    Pubic Hair Styles - can be dyed in any color

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    ^^ LOL...

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    brazilian all the way!

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    I think girls should just keep things simple down there.

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    brazilian please. no hair. for guys too
    Everything you see I owe to spaghetti.
    Sophia Loren

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    guys should do some manscaping too>>>very clean and sexy too

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    You said a 'mouthful" Cheetah Girl! LOL

    Living well is the best revenge.

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    I 'trim' my DH's from time to time the trimming part

    A guy went on holiday, he met a very sexy girl and whilst making love to her
    he noticed she has hair every where (legs, underarms, pussy, face etc)
    when they done he politely asked why so much hair ? Where he comes
    from the girls have no body hair.
    She looked at him.... asked : do you want to **** or knit ?

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