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Thread: Tranexamic Acid for melasma?

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    I was told to use it just on the melasma spots, so I didn't see any lightning off other areas, as i applied only to the dark areas. But again, I only used it for less than 6 months.
    I really hope it works for you. Keep us posted. xx
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    Of course I will keep you posted. Lets hope it does what the study suggests! X

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    Hi all, Quick update as promised. I do believe this is working, ladies! It's been almost 2weeks now and I'm almost at the stage where I feel I could go without makeup except for tinted moisturiser! I had heard that the tranexamic acid simply sped up the effects of any regimen already in place, so I will tell you what I have been doing: Morning/evening: tumeric glycerine soap to cleanse face using a wash cloth in circular motions; Morning: bio oil (topical) 1000ml evening primrose oil 1000ml vitamin c Uvistat 50+ sunscreen Half of a 250ml tablet of tranexamic acid. Evening: tumeric soap to cleanse face; Pure organic rosehip oil (topical) 1000 vitamin c Other half of the 250ml tranexamic acid tablet. I have also been taking acidophilus 10 to counteract any candida as I do suffer from thrush frequently. This seems to have made a lot of difference. Hope this helps somebody, the change has been rather dramatic. Two weeks ago I had a full on hyperpigmented upper lip moustache and melasma/ pigmentation on forehead and cheeks which was obvious to anyone who looked at me. I can only hope this works long term! Will be coming off the tranexamic acid soon but will continue with the rest of my regimen x

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    I will try to upload some pics over the weekend to show the difference. I would like to upload from photo bucket, is this possible?

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    Lillyflower Thats great news,yes would love to see piccies,gives us all hope, were the tranexamic tabs prescription only? do you know whether it would work on dermal pigmentation?

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    Hi poppy, I am in the uk and tranexamic acid can be bought without prescription in the pharmacy. This is only a recent development though, until a year or so ago the doctor would have to prescribe them. I believe there is an area of dermal pigmentation to the left of my 'moustache' which has responded, a bit more slowly, to this regimen. How can I upload from photo bucket? X

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    Wow that is a great improvement and in a short time mine is not melasma upper lip but from hair removal, lf I take a photo very close up you can't see it much but from a little distance it is grey looking, I have Asian skin I will research into this some more, hopefully it can help thanks for posting your pics x

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    I'm not sure my upper lip is melasma, poppy, as I too wax that area x

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    Thanks, Where did you purchase yours from,I looked at boots and they say that you have to complete a questionnaire before they sell it to you as its for heavy periods?

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