2 questions (1 Health, 1 Cosmetic)

Thread: 2 questions (1 Health, 1 Cosmetic)

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    2 questions (1 Health, 1 Cosmetic)

    Hey Everyone,

    I've recently been diagnosed with both a build up of liver toxins & chronic Kidney inflammation. I've been given a herbal medicine to help improve the organs but I was wondering if you lot have any tips to help speed up the recovery process (Supplements etc.)

    Also I have a very thin face (Could this be due to the above problems?) with dark circles under eyes. I'm only 135lb's so I know I wont get a chubby face but it's long and slim and makes me look ill when combined with the circles and pale skin. Is there anyway to improve my cheeks & make my jaw wider? I've heard of face excercises but I believe their for toning the face and at the minute theirs nothing to tone!

    Any ideas?

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    L Cysteine will help to eliminate ammonia from your system. It's also good for liver detox. If you've got a bona fide medical condition you'll have to discuss it with your physician. They can help you with dosage etc.

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    Any advice for the face?

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    I emailed the staff at Flex effect asking my face question and they haven't replied in a few days.

    Are their any other face programmes that are recomendend or could anyone on here offer advice?

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    All I recommend is a balanced diet. Plenty of veg, fruit, water and get adequate protein.

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