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    What are you trying to achieve? I recently had a non surgical nose filler to increase the bridge of my nose. I am so happy with it that I am now about to embark on a surgical rhinoplasty as I also want to slightly narrow the width of my nostrils, which fillers cannot do. I have thought about rhinoplasty for many years and have finally gathered the courage to go for it properly. But if my nostrils had not been an issue I would have been happy to just go with the fillers. Though most are temporary, generally 12- 18 months, I still consider it to be worth it.

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    I don't believe it
    "Some people make things happen and others want something good to happen, and sit idly by waiting to see if it does."
    ~ Joyce Meyer~

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    For some reason I just had to lol. That explains the familiar "egg head"

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    I have bought this tool and it works very well for plastic it kinda slimmed my nose bridge a bit

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    Speaking as someone who actually bought it and used it regularly I'll give you some facts:

    I used a purple spring one that narrows the bottom part of your nose.
    It did shape the cartilage at the end of your nose (not made of bone). I used to have a bulbous tip and using it regularly made the tip and bridge a matching width. I wore it 10-30 minutes, 3 to 5 days a week.
    Though I saw a physical difference by the second month, my dog chewed it up. So... it eventually went back to it's original shape in a month.
    If I used it for a longer period of time, it would 'stick' or 'stay' much longer depending on dedication.
    I will be doing it again and even posting pictures to show progress/effectiveness.
    HOWEVER, if your nose is a certain width, it won't work.

    End result: It won't have permanent results but a MUCH cheaper alternative to rhinoplasty with similar results... maybe use it until the procedure so it's not a drastic difference to other people or stick with it until you can use it less and less.
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