Hair Benefits Of Using MSM
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Thread: Hair Benefits Of Using MSM

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    Hair Benefits Of Using MSM

    I've researched around and found some interesting information about people using MSM and reporting to find a lot of shocking results:

    Some of them reported that their new hair growth came in faster, much more softer/"finer" in texture, and their curl patterns also came in looser. What I mean was, women of African descent reported that after taking MSM, their natural 4B hair came in, get this- 3C HAIR! They were shocked at the total transformation of their new hair growth. I also read a report from a woman taking MSM and her hair color changed into a much lighter hue!

    What do you guys think of this? Has anyone taken MSM and noticed a total change in their hair?

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    What I noticed is a lot of NEW hair and it grows fast. I color my hair so can't comment on hue changes
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    no colour changes except it grows fast. oddly enough my fringe grows super fast as it reaches below my eyebrows in 2 weeks. but the full length takes much much longer. which is a pain as id like that to grow even. i have layers that need to get to one length.
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    I haven't noticed any growth at all with MSM. I got so discouraged at one point I stopped taking it for a week and experienced a major shed which was pretty scary, so I went back on it ASAP. Clearly it was doing something even though it didn't look like it. I've been on MSM for about 18 months.

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    I just started taking 1000mg capsules of MSM. Hoping that if it doesn't at least help with hair growth, it will reduce shedding (which is not bad for me prior to starting MSM) and/or help strengthen my strands.

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    Can you all share which brands of MSM youre taking and how much? Thanks

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    I am starting with GNC brand 1000mg capsules. It's a 90-count bottle, purchased for $10.99. I know they have a larger bottle, but since I didn't know if I would be sticking with it, I started with the smallest offering. Since I order from vitacost every 4-8 weeks, I am going to check out their MSM products. I will be surprised if vitacost is not cheaper than GNC. I dont' shop at GNC regularly enough to purchase their frequent-buyer card.

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    Quote Originally Posted by happytimes View Post
    Can you all share which brands of MSM youre taking and how much? Thanks
    I use Jarrow MSM sulfur powder, and I take 2-3 scoops a night.
    MSM Sulfur Powder
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    Quote Originally Posted by gymrat View Post
    I use Jarrow MSM sulfur powder, and I take 2-3 scoops a night.
    MSM Sulfur Powder
    Do you see better results with it than with MSM gymmie? Do yu take C with it also?

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    I've been taking these, one per day - Doctor's Best, Best MSM 1500, 1500 mg, 120 Tablets -

    Plus there is another 300mg of MSM in my Glucosamine, Chondroitin, which I take 3 times a day, so that's another 900mg. So I currently take a total of 2.4g per day.

    But I think that next time I will switch to MSM powder in place of the solo MSM tablets; it seems like a more economical way to go.

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