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    I am struggling to know what to really use.

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    Hello everyone. First time post so bear with me. I am a male 37 who developed melasma about two years ago due to what I believe was over sun exposure (armed forces hot climate, get the picture?). My doctors were all baffled at first and I guess it's not a common condition for men, so I have been prescribed many different soution for my condition to no effect. However a German friend of mine told me about a product called Pigmanorm. To cut a long story short I spent a great weekend in Hamburg and visited a local pharmacy and purchased said cream £10 approx $15. I have been using for about 3 weeks now and hand on heart I have seen a 60 - 70% decrease in pigmentation. I must stress I have no idea what the active ingredients are and also as I have seen on some of these sites I do not work for the maker of the cream. Just thought I'd share my great news and hope this may work for other people. Before this I had tried Retina A creams and MSG? tablets.
    Good luck!!

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    Have you looked into the Obagi skin care system? I haven't used it but I've heard that it helps with Melasma.

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