Quickest way to lightent the skin
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Thread: Quickest way to lightent the skin

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    Quickest way to lightent the skin


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    For me it would be staying inside all day everyday drinking tons
    of water and never skipping my morning and evening regimen.

    **That'll NEVER happen

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    What regimen are you following?

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    All water does for me is make me per every 5 minutes and I cnt gain weight

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    use topical steriods!!! i wouldn't do that to my self tho. i think its much like dying dark hair. you have to bleach it slowly for it to be healthy and look good!!! try HQ4% and use RA u should see results in a months time... or atleast i did

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    I would think a peel would help to exfoliate off some oldskn...exfoliating is good anyway to allow lotions or anything youre using to bleach skin to actually reach the new skin. There are lots of peels out there. Ive been using a la peel.
    Protection from sun as wel...im using a parasol, myself, as well as wearing arm...things (theyre like long sock-like things except without it sewn at the end, so it just covers your entire arm.) and leggings under my clothes. And sunblock with zinc oxide.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrbrown View Post
    use topical steriods!!! i wouldn't do that to my self tho. i think its much like dying dark hair. you have to bleach it slowly for it to be healthy and look good!!! try HQ4% and use RA u should see results in a months time... or atleast i did
    DON'T use topical steroids, or at least avoid them, unless you're working with somebody (dermatologist preferably) very closely, I wouldn't use them, too many risks and side effects, especially if you just want clear & even skin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crazie View Post
    What regimen are you following?
    My regimen is fairly simple

    In the morning I wash my body with a lightening soap (I have many) I
    leave it on my skin for some time before I rinse. Then I wash my face
    with just a regular St.Ives face wash. I mix Vitamin Serum with my
    moisturizer and apply to my entire body then I put on tons of sunscreen.
    *on really sunny days, I use an umbrella

    In the evening I wash my face with a soap that exfoliates really well,
    basically a ligtening soap. It takes off my makeup really well! Then I put
    on a either a clay mask or a sheet mask (I don't do the mask part everyday)
    I do a light wash on my body using a lightening soap leaving it on my skin
    for a few minutes before I rinse. When I get out of the shower I apply
    Carotein & HQ all over my body including my face.

    *Blemishes and old scars that I have had for months are almost gone
    I even have this mole on my wrist since birth and it's disappearing

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    stick with us [crazy were sure to get u to your desired result if not then you can rename urself lunatic - but seriously the first thing would be removing some of the old tanned and dead skin surrounding your area you are wishing to see results if its the entire body - first take an area of the skin and exam it and test it with the product over night by applying the mixture to the problem area - then go in ( meaning start u a regime) might i suggest two of my all time fav's CBB exfoliate mixture and Ondine's mixture for lightening - its on SCT forums do ur research by finding the threads as if you want something bad enough i heard you'd do the leg work, plus i had to - but again test to see if it works for you. Go find an Ulta and go in and purchase some glyc face/body wash and lotion - this is to exfoliate (shrug off the dead skin to allow any lightening products to work as you say quicker) OR go find a BBS and go in and purchase a couple of soaps use head to toe to help you acheive your results like Dudu-Osen black soap and or carotein soap or whatever u choose second purchase some carotein body lotion and face cream along with some neoprosone for lightening face and body. good luck and be prepared to wait it out 4-8 weeks as skin renews and new skin resurfaces every 28 days. There are a million and one on-line places for ligheting products -i know i have ordered a million and a half ok. and my best best was at the dolla sto - quenn helena cocoa butter for my CBB mixture, ADC - for my ondine mixture & HQ/RA & carepost-4 lashes, MUAC for my chemical peels kits like LA/TCA, LC for my 88% LA, BBS for er thang in-between and Ulta for my GA/lotion & wash - one of my alltime fav beauty sto's. good-luck and happy lightening - i hope to hear from you soon. with your progress and take a b4 and after shot in same identical spot in same identical lighting for your exam like ever 28 days to see how your doin and member u cant quit u have to remain disciplined to see your results shine thru and once you get them u have to maintain them - baby its a life long process and journey it aint half as quick as i would like it to be. and DONT believe the hype about the F&F products promising instant results chile i regifted that mess and gave it to my sisters for x-mas and went back to the BSS for my regime - finally go to a vitamin store or vitamin world and buy some glutha pills over 500mg, some vitamin c 500g and some MSM 500mg for overall brightning and some vitamin C serum- apply this to a cleanse face after wash I KNOW THIS IS ALOT OF INFO but if someone hadda told me all of this this culda saved me alot of time and frustration - okay

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