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Thread: Age appropriate clothing?

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    Donatella's daughter suffers from an eating disorder, I'm not sure which one. She has nearly died a couple of times.
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    yes her daughter suffers from anorexia. she has two children, her daughter allegra and her son. its quite sad, and must be so difficult for her, especially being surrounded in that business with so many skinny models.
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    I feel you can wear anything what you feel as comfortable...

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    Well I'm 44yrs but every thinks I lie as well and rate me very young, due to my size and height, anyway my clothing range has changed as well and I love and wear Victoria Beckams, Jackie Onasis kind of cloths.

    I used to be a fashion junkie but not as much as before, focus changed to skin now

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    I have been traveling around a bit the last few months and I think age appropriate clothes has to do with where you live and what is fashionable there.
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    Cloth should be your own choice which makes your look more attractive.

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    I think it's cool that people think you're 25... it's better than otherwise =))) In my opinion there's Nothing wrong with wearing sexy clothes..I don't mean super short skirts or shorts... but beautiful and elegant dresses are classy and sexy .... But I think you should wear what's comfortable for you and at the same time you should feel that you're attractive.. =)

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    Say, when you are between 30 and 45 the is no clothes for us. I am 37. May be a new business. You are obliged to be dressed with cloths for young, or old.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiki Zhao View Post
    To be yourself. Wear what you want.

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