Quickest way to remove skin tags at home?

Thread: Quickest way to remove skin tags at home?

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    Quickest way to remove skin tags at home?

    What is the quickest way to remove a skin tag at home, apart from actually cutting it off?

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    high strength acids might do the trick but i would do this without seeing a doctor. as it all depends what the tag is attached to or if it has a blood supply connected to it etc. could get tricky. so get professional help.
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    It can be painful but I have (on someone else!) pulled out a hair and knotted it very tightly around the base of it and it eventually fell off. It took a while to go and you have to get the hair right at the base of it

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    hmm - i think i would be going to a doctor... doing this at home you risk infection, bleeding etc. I know with the very tiny ones, my dr just pulled them off. but those are the little tiny ones -
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    Most docs just freeze or cut them with sharp and shiny scissors+styptic stuff on top. So it's really simple.
    Not that I'm saying it should be done at home. There is also the risk that it could a mole or something worse growing and cutting those is not a bright idea. So best let a doc remove them.

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    I am a picker an am bad to rub back and forth on them. I hate peeling, zits or any other thing that COULD be picked at.
    I have fiddled mine back and forth and they've eventually fallen off.

    I have a sister-in-law (of about 15 of them) and she had MANY MANY of them all on her neck, face and back. She had them all removed by her Dr. You'd never know she had them and she had NO downtime either.

    Dr is the way to go, IMHO.
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    I had a little one on my neck and my grandmama tightly tied a hair strand around it, came off in about 8 days. Worked for me, but I do think it's better to have a Dr. do it so that they can check it for any abnormalities.
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    Well first you need to be sure what you are dealing with is a benign skin tag and not a suspicious lesion. If your Dr determines that they are benign and they are small enough, you could do this:

    Tie a piece of thread around the base of it and leave it on til the skin tag falls off. This cuts off circulation to it so that it doesnt bleed.

    Or snip them off with sterile scissors after washing the area with antibact soap and alcohol swabbing. You can use a styptic pencil (used for shaving nicks) if they bleed a bit.

    Keep antibact ointment on them the first 2 days after removal.

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    Like fawnie said. Cut the circulation off and it will fall off itself. Tie dental floss around it!

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