How do I get rid of my large veins??

Thread: How do I get rid of my large veins??

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    How do I get rid of my large veins??

    I don't have varicose or spider veins. I'm just naturally vascular. People make comments about my large veins on a daily basis and I don't work-out a lot, it's hereditary. Is there a way to shrink my veins?The biggest problem areas are my calves and feet and forearms and hands.

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    Are the veins actually popping out or can you just see them through the skin? Tanning or a self-tanner/bronzer should help to hide the veins. Usually veins show through on very fair skin.

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    I can relate. I am my grandmother..sigh! LOL!
    I don't think there's much one can do about them because I think some of us don't have much "substance" around certain areas and the veins show through thinner skin.

    Unfortunately they get worse with age.

    I would suggest you not get too underweight. It's good you're doing some weights.

    Keeping cooler can help....impossible during workouts.

    If they are "bluer"...a self-tanner will help blend them better, although that won't change the size.

    I was thinking of looking into some of the treatment they use for varicose veins..saline injections..but haven't as of yet.

    Curious what people comment to you exactly about your veins.
    The people who withdraw blood for testing drool at mine assuming it'll be easier and faster...but they tend to collapse the vein with too large a needle and wiggle it around until I ask them to take it out..gross.


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    If the vein looks like a blue sausage, the vein is damaged. You need to see your doctor or dermatologist. They will inject them with a solution that will cause them to close up. The remaining matter will be absorbed by the body.

    These veins aren't the same that you get from bodybuilding. I'am very vascular from my own training, but they are definately not the same type.

    Anyways, once the doctor is done injecting them, they wrap them up and recommend that you don't stand on your feet too much or don't do anything strenuous for a few days to weeks, depending on the severity of the procedure.

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    I agree that the damaged veins, varicose veins or thrombosed varicose veins can be injected or even stripped...but I don't have those. Just veins that are bigger and show through my skin (on my hands and low forearms.,,sometimes my feet if they're hot).

    I have a friend that had the ones you're talking about Freddie...and she had the took a while because hers collapsed while injecting the solution and some had to be stripped.

    Interestingly, her hands/arms/etc are as smoooooth (no big veins) with nice texture/etc. She's 70.


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    "Just veins that are bigger and show through my skin (on my hands and low forearms.,,sometimes my feet if they're hot)."

    I'm the same way. When my body temp goes up, I look like a heroine addict. There's one on my ankle that's as thick as rope. Why is it that it's worse in the lower legs and arms??

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    If it's as thick as a rope, you should see a dermatologist about it. It could be varicose, and if you're prone, then you might be able to get it dealt with earlier than later.

    Do the ones on your hands and arms look like that too?

    I don't know why the extremities are bigger..maybe because the circulation is either better or worse...yeah, contradiction.

    I'll do a search and see what comes up.


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    I have just discovered my new best friend!! Sally Hansen's Airbrush liquid pantyhose for legs!! It doesn't cure the vein problem but, it does a kick *** job of covering up and blending into my skin! Water resistant and it stays on all day!!

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    ooo I might try that. Thanks for the tip!

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    Schlerotherapy is a new non-invasive treatment that is supposed to be really good for varicose veins. I just read a really good article about it on the Novasans blog. If you search for Novsans and schlerotherapy, I'm sure you find it. They can probably give you a price estimate as well.

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