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Thread: your favorite clothing store?

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    My fav brand is Lucky Brand Jeans. Their tee shirts have such neat designs and I just bought a purse from them that I love.

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    Topshop is great!

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    My stores are Discovery and Dots and sometimes Rainbow.

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    fawnie, i wish i could afford to buy $60 jeans but i need to have a lot to choose from, so i have to settle for less expensive
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    I love Aritzia but it's quite pricey. However, I believe the items they sell have great quality and are such staple items that you won't regret it a few years down the line.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gymrat View Post
    Awwwhhh to be 19- I have a 19 year old (boy).........I try to tell him it doesn't matter where you shop, never buy unless it is on sale!! Not necessary to pay full price for anything......if you really like it or need it, get it, otherwise wait for it to go on sale.

    Like BeautySleep said, H&M has great prices, but quality isn't the best........if you treat it right (wash cold, hang dry) you will get it to last a little longer. But really for a 19 year old, you can't beat the prices in there. Another one for your age is Forever 21. I am sure I am not telling you places you haven't already heard about-

    For me personally........I am happy spending my $ in Macys, I am a total INC girl. I also like, Nordstroms, Banana Republic, GAP, Ann Taylor, and.... the Nike store-
    I love shopping at H&M...
    And always take good care for my clothes (whenever i bought them..)

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    primark. lol.Thats how I can afford to buy skin whitening creams.

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    My favorite places to get a good deal on clothes??? Macy's is one place I like to shop when I'm in the states and I shop them online too. Then there is NORDSTROM RACK! If you have a Nordstrom close to you, find The Rack and shop it often.

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