Happy Birthday, Your Majesty: Queen Elizabeth II

Thread: Happy Birthday, Your Majesty: Queen Elizabeth II

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    Happy Birthday, Your Majesty: Queen Elizabeth II

    85 today

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    She actually looks much nicer lately. Must be because of her Grandson's upcoming marriage.

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    I know she's not exactly had a hard life, but even so I hope I'm as sprightly as her at 85.
    And maybe she looks happier because she's thinking William will be a better ambassador for the monarchy than his father's generation. (And if he isn't, we shall be a republic before long.....)
    Anyhoo - Happy Birthday ma'am (which, if you want to be all British and stiff upper lipped about it, is pronounced mam, as in ram).

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    Happy birthday Kla1r

    Queenie, hope you have a good one too
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    Quote Originally Posted by kla1re View Post
    I'm 19 today too
    happy birthday kla!
    Everything you see I owe to spaghetti.
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