MSM ~ Weight Loss and Bruising?
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Thread: MSM ~ Weight Loss and Bruising?

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    MSM ~ Weight Loss and Bruising?

    I been doing MSM for a few days now, and I didn't weigh myself for a few days either.

    I ate about 1200-1300 calories yesterday, was kind of upset since I want to lower it just a bit more. I went on the scale. I lost a total of 7 lbs in a few days? This is almost too shocking for me to believe, and I'm like "WOW MSM did this?"

    I am also bruising on my body easily, and getting horrible head aches (which is normal so I take it well; not sure about the bruising... but if it causes weight loss I'll take the bruises).

    Anyone heard about weight loss with msm???

    I'm taking about 6-10 tbs a day, depending on the head aches.

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    Yes Weight Loss is a side effect of quality MSM intake because of the high amount of natural sulfur present in MSM that your body uses for its metabolism to function efficiently.

    The headaches are a normal side effect of MSM.

    But the bruising is NOT, if anything MSM makes your connective tissues and skin STRONGER and tougher so if you are bruising then its from something else.

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    Ok question here what is MSM?

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    I'm also taking low amounts of DMG, which there is hardly any information about that, comes from the same site I purchase MSM. It could be from that.


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    I have not heard anyone say about weight loss.
    6-10 tbs a day I think it is very high

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    Quote Originally Posted by mony View Post
    Ok question here what is MSM?
    Methylsulfonylmethane - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Thanks Sweetheart! I will b looking that one up!

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    Take MSM with vit C in a ratio of 2:1 for the body to utilize it.

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    tons of information on the forum too mony, just a search (that's why I made a thread too because I knew there was little info about weight loss)

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    I'll be all over the net tonight got lots of research I want to do, so I can look that up too.

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